Founding Circle: $10,000+

Thom and Iris Smotrich

Ira & Linda Distenfield


Builders: $5,000+

Helen Varon

Innovators: $1,800+

Sydney and Phyllis Reisman

Fern Miller

Nancy Mynard

Sheldon and Sandra Friedman

Sustaining Friends: $1,200+

Jerome Angel and Kim Angel

Louis Silberman & Geraldine Gussman

Elliot and Adele Blank

Steve and Susan Bogorad

Harold Marchick

Attorney Arnold and Susie Lieman

Sidney and Donna Weiss

 Phil and Karen Hudis

Melvin and Linda Holtzman

Michael and Nancy Rouse

Dr. David and Toni Hyams

Rabbi Mark Borovitz and Harriet Rossetto

Fred and Linda Gaylord